Private Label

Koby, as a specialist in developing and producing chemical products for construction, can be the partner you need by providing a global range solution with your own brand. We have different formulations at your service. We provide adhesives, sealants, PU foams, spray paint, technical sprays, chemical resin and other products for construction, formulated with the technology that best suits your purpose, from professional to DIY products.

By choosing Koby as a business partner, you have our knowledge and experience at your brand’s disposal. If required, we can develop your brand image and adjust it to the several types of packaging we provide: cartridges, tubes, cans and buckets, and you can also consider the development of personalized boxes with your image brand as a possibility.

Koby develops and produces your products, whether they are: silicone, acrylics, hybrids, polyurethanes, foams and others depending on your choices.

We can provide a single product or a wide range of products, drawing up the necessary documentation- data sheets, safety data sheets, CE marking or other necessary certifications.

We support your product launch with your own brand, from the brand image development to its sale.