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26 MAR 2021

ColorPlus Spray is the new Koby Spray!We decided to increase the uniqueness in our range of Sprays and launched the ColorPlus Spray.An acrylic paint Spray that guarantees a Premium Quality, specially developed for precise paintings and equipped with wide angle valve.This Spray allows excellent adherence on most materials and an efficient coverage. It can be used indoors and outdoors without worrying about color degradation.

The Premium Quality is one of the most particular characteristics, it allows a long color durability, easy to use and with fast drying.You don’t have to worry about the paint residues in the spray valve, it has a self-cleaning system which allows a great precision.Eco-friendly product, free of CFCs, with no commitment to the environment and the planet.Designed on a vast number of surfaces, such as: plastics, wood, metals, glass and ceramics, plaster, concrete, and brick.  Just experiment and you will see a great grip.



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27 NOV 2020

Anti-Stain Renovator

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07 SEP 2020

The Anti-Stain Renovator is an innovative solvent-free sealant with KOBY PROTECT technology, developed for the renewal and durable protection of surfaces. It can be applied to new surfaces, protecting them, or already aged, renewing them. Its double action consists of intensifying the colour and natural characteristics of the surfaces to which it is applied and simultaneously protecting them, making them impermeable to all kinds of stains and dirt.



  • Lasting and permanent protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Makes the surfaces anti-stain
  • Repels water, oil and dirt
  • Protects new surfaces and renews wear and tear


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Hydrotech Wood

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07 SEP 2020

HydroTech Wood is a high-quality solvent-free hydrofoil with KOBY Protect technology that protects wood from water damage, forming an invisible waterproofing barrier that repels water by preventing its absorption. This prevents the formation of fungus and mould, the rotting of wood and the appearance of cracks caused by contraction and expansion cycles. 



  • Invisible waterproofing barrier
  • Prevents wood rotting
  • Prevents the appearance of fungus and mold

Desinfect-All Surfaces and Objects

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06 JUL 2020

Powerful alcohol-based disinfectant (70% v/v) with no bleach for various applications. It's effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs and ensures that surfaces where applied, are free from any type of contamination. It evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.



  • Ready to use and easy to apply
  • Effective against bacteria, virus, fungi and germs
  • Just spray - no rinsing required



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08 MAY 2020

Because your hands deserve the best, we present HAND-CARE Hydroalcoholic Solution Innovative Formula.

Alcohol-based disinfectant solution with 72% (v / v) alcohol for hand cleaning and hygiene. Ideal for disinfecting hands without rinsing, eliminating viruses and bacteria. It evaporates quickly and does not dehydrate your hands leaving your skin smooth.



  • 72% alcohol solution
  • Liquid solution - Innovative formula
  • Effective hand disinfection with increased coverage
  • Effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria
  • Does not dehydrate hands, leaving skin smooth
  • Fast evaporation
  • Leaves no residue





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16 APR 2020

To complement the DESINFECT-ALL product range, we present a new version of the product:


This product is a ready-to-apply solution that does not require any dilution.

It is a powerful disinfectant effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs, present in any type of space, whether inside or outside, such as:

. Outdoor spaces
. Urban areas
. Industrial facilities
. Streets
. Floors and ceilings
. Walls and tiles
. Lobby (exterior and interior)
. Elevators
. Meeting rooms
. Balconies and stairs
. Access zones to buildings
. Surfaces: glass, handrails, door handles, counters, etc.



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15 APR 2020

We present another new product by KOBY.


This product, formulated according to the guidelines of the Portuguese DGS, is a powerful highly concentrated disinfectant effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs

This solution allows different levels of dilution as required and is ideal for disinfecting surfaces in:

. Households

. Public Service Establishments

. Hospitality

. Schools

. Health services

. Outdoor Spaces

. Institutions

. Floors / streets


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21 JAN 2020

Have you ever thought about waterproofing a certain space, but gave up on the ideia because you wanted to continue seeing the original surface?

We have the solution!


With our liquid waterproofing membrane MSCOAT CRYSTAL, you can protect, repair and waterproof practically all of your exterior space, as well as areas conducive to the passage of water inside. All of this always maintaining the natural aspect of the support.

  • Completely translucent
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied in wet areas
  • Passable
  • Self-leveling
  • Suitable for decks, planters, balconies, balconies, skylights, among others.

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22 JUL 2019

How many times have you applied your Neutral Silicon on PVC and the adhesion did not work out?

KOBY has worked in order you do not have this problem anymore!




It is a Neutral Silicone with high performance, specially developed for PVC and aluminum applications.

And you can count on with all the features of an excellent neutral silicone: high elasticity, antifungal, fast curing and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Tested on several types of PVC so its performance could be the best!


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13 JUN 2019

Nothing is better than to join family and friends and enjoy the sun!

With spring, outdoor spaces gain another life!

Have you already prepared yours or even need to protect without changing the appearance of the materials you used?




Colorless liquid water repellent that forms an invisible waterproofing barrier. Long lasting and effectively protection against dirt, fungi and moss growth. This product is absorbed by the substrates, with an excellent penetration acting in depth. Reduces the appearance of efflorescence. In this brand, you can find:


Facades and Roofs

General product.

Ideal for protecting facades, roofs or building materials such as:

• Brick

• Concrete

• Non-calcareous natural stone or artificial stone


Pladur and Natural Stone

Specially developed for application in Pladur and Calcareous Natural Stones such as:

• Limestone,

• Moleanos (Portuguese Limestone),

• Ançã’s Stone


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New Hand Washing Fluid Cream

01 MAR 2019

Our new Hand Washing is a fluid paste with micro beads, concentrated, with high cleaning power, directed to heavy dirt.

The formulation was held thinking about the users, it contains vegetable soaps and natural components for which do not change the pH of your hands, keeping them soft and smooth.

This product is widely used at the professional level, the removal of oils, lubricants, varnishes, paint, bitumen etc.

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The Koby family has grown again!

21 FEB 2019

The KOBY family has grown again!

This time it was our range of resins to increase:


It is a resin without styrene and extremely resistant to high loads. It has a great durability as well as a very quick cure, which allows small waiting time to withstand loads.

It has anti-fire certification and ETA certification – Option 1 (specific for cracked concrete).

It thus resists temperature variations, chemicals and can be applied in wet areas.

Useful for high performance structural applications where load is the critical factor. It is ideal for threaded rod and construction rod, concrete, stone, masonry and hollow materials.

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New member in the Silicones family!

09 NOV 2018

Have you met the newest member of the KOBY Silicones family?

Thinking in our customers, our I&D team created and a developed a new product: Silicone AC-02.


The AC-02 it is an accetic-based Silicone for Universal use and it will be your best friend in your house constructions. It can be used from kitchens to bathrooms, especially suitable for glass, ceramic, tile and glazed surfaces!


It is very easy to apply and it has a high elasticity.

It is antifungal, so it doesn’t turn into black, which will give an always new look to your home.

It can also be used outdoors as it is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions.

Despite the characteristic smell, it does not have any harmful substance.


It is marketed in boxes of 12 units, wich allows greater flexibility for our customers.


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Koby goes Green

06 AUG 2018

From the exterior to the interior, to the professional or for domestic use, silicones are used in numerous applications in our daily lives.

Koby brand thus enhances the research and formulation of "User Friendly" (or ecological) products, introducing the Alcoxy AL-30 Neutral Silicone to the market.

Neutral Silicone AL-30 Koby is a low modulus and high elasticity silicone of Alcoxi technology with very good adhesion on most building materials such as: glass, concrete, aluminum, steel, copper, ceramics, wood and various plastics. AL-30 Koby is also highly recommended for outdoor use due to its stability to UV rays and high resistance to weather changes.

Neutral Silicone AL-30 Koby is a product that is friendly to the applicator, non-harmful and meets the latest and most demanding European standards. In contrast, oxime-neutral silicones release a dangerous harmful substance (MEKO) and therefore require certain application conditions: such as well ventilated areas and use of respiratory mask. In some European countries there are already regulations that require the withdrawal of these products from the market.

The Neutral Silicone AL-30 Koby complies with EN 15651 and represents not only a safe product for the applicator but also excellent performance. Neutral Silicone AL-30 Koby is a product prepared for the future.

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Koby in Tektónica

09 MAY 2018

It is with great enthusiasm that we inform our clients that we will be present at the International Construction and Public Works Fair - Tektónica, which celebrates the 20th Edition, between May 16 and 19, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., at FIL in Lisbon.

This fair is leader in Construction in Portugal, supporting companies, promoting the Internationalization of the Construction sector and exploring the opportunities of the national market.
We will be located in Pavilion 2, at stand 2B34, with our brand Koby.

The brand was created in 2012 and the Koby brand products are carefully formulated to ensure not only a quality of excellence as well as the safety of a lasting application. Quality control of Koby products is done in a self-contained laboratory equipped with the latest technology and monitored by an accredited technical team.

Over time Koby has gradually increased the range and it is intended to continue to present innovative products to meet the most complex challenges.
At the fair, interested parties will be able to know our wide range of products, from silicones to the new Koby waterproofing.

We have several Koby solutions for your problems, just look for us!
On 16th and 17th of May (Wednesday and Thursday) our representatives from the Research and Development Department will be present at our stand to clarify all your technical doubts regarding our products. For more information, please contact the Commercial Department.

To register and receive free access to the site, please contact our Commercial Department.
We look forward to your visit and we will be happy to answer all your questions.